A vibrant community to help you actualize your ideal sissy self.

A Wealth of High Quality Content

From weekly classes, assignments, & challenges to customized daily tasks to pages of curated links & resources to personalized instruction, there is so much to keep a sissy girl growing.

Formalized Social Hierarchy

One of the primary features of Colores Academy is its robust Grade system which sorts students into appropriate levels of devotion as well as forges meaningful connections with fellow sisters.

Private, Self-Paced, & Safe

The culture of Colores Academy is focused on helping students explore their sissy selves in an environment free of judgment, pressure, or harassment.

“I have finally found a place to realize my sissy dreams and aspirations. I had yearned for a community of other sissies to share my experience with and to learn more of the path that others have followed. Colores Academy has exceeded my wildest expectations in all respects and particularly in the curriculum.”

Orange 328

Colores Academy Presents: The Sissy Drills

The Sissy Drills is a comprehensive, interactive sissification program spanning many hours of professionally produced videos filled with effective, time-tested teaching techniques.

Tried-and-True Tools, Available for All

Ready to watch for free on Hypnotube.com, the Sissy Drills series provides a taste of the Academy’s unique brand of rigorous, consistent, and thorough feminization curricula.

“I searched fruitlessly for years for a meaningful transformation community that was free of trolls and casual pleasure seekers. Colores Academy has completely exceeded my expectations. The pages upon pages of content increase your resolve to continue your guided feminization and the community encourages your progress. I regret not starting sooner.”

Red 681

The artist behind both the Sissy Drills series and Colores Academy is ChandraSpirit. He is a dominant switch who enjoys feminization, high protocol, slave training, and rope bondage. He is fascinated by the intersection of stories and games as well as the possibilities of automated, tool-assisted domination/hypnotism.

“Colores Academy has helped me realize my full potential as a sissy. The friendly, respectful staff and students encourage participation and personal betterment. Progression is rewarded, and each step brings students closer to their goals. Colores Academy is an exceptional tool for the aspiring sissy. A highly regimented structure and routine in combination with unique weekly lectures and drills keep things familiar, yet exciting.”

Kelli Kisscock